Conceived as a piece of art, built of marble, granite, bronze and ormolu, this formal garden fulfills the client's desire for a beautiful setting in which to enjoy sculpture in the landscape. The inspiration for this garden is based on the palace and gardens at Versailles.

Curved stairways of hand carved granite lead down to the Grand Fountain. A curtain of water serves as a backdrop to a pool of white Vermont marble.

Four larger than life male figures woo four maidens who surround the central column of the fountain.
The fountain figures are sculpted from white marble.

The planting beds include boxwood parterre hedges, flowering annuals plus Magnolias and London Plane Trees.

A bronze sculpture of St. Michael the Archangel soars atop a 30-foot high marble column.

The magnificent Loggia is supported by 20 marble columns.
The domed ceiling murals complement three marble niches containing bronze sculptures of the muses of music, literature and drama, while the inlaid marble floor contains ancient symbols of each of these arts.
Circular landings throughout the garden offer views of the estate as well as the valley beyond. Each landing contains balustrade frieze panels of thematic allegorical subjects.